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Are you searching for a dentist that does porcelain veneers near me? Look no further! At URBN Dental, we specialize in dental veneers. Whether you require veneers for chipped teeth, tooth gaps, or crooked teeth, we can help. Speak to our dental porcelain veneers specialist today.

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Are you searching for dentist that do veneers near me? Look no further! At URBN Dental, we specialize in dental veneers. Whether you require veneers for chipped teeth, tooth gaps, or crooked teeth, we can help. Speak to our dental veneers specialist today.

Porcelain Veneers Houston Tx

If you have stained teeth, misaligned teeth, gaps between your teeth, or cracks on your teeth, you may want to consider porcelain veneers near me. These tooth-colored and tooth-shaped shells conceal all cosmetic concerns, helping you achieve a flawless set of teeth. URBN Dental Uptown provides highly-curated porcelain veneers that address your unique cosmetic needs while elevating your overall appearance, offering an instant smile makeover.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

  • Conceal all cosmetic concerns at once.
  • Resemble natural enamel.
  • Indistinguishable from actual teeth.
  • Maintain stain-free teeth.

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What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin, tooth-colored, and tooth-shaped shells attached to the front face of your teeth to transform their external appearance. These porcelain chips are bonded to your teeth to give the external image of a flawless smile. They conceal most cosmetic concerns, including discoloration, misalignment, gaps, and cracks.

Porcelain has the same color and texture as enamel, making it resemble your actual teeth with no obvious signs of cosmetic work. In fact, porcelain veneers near me are a stainless material, so you don’t have to worry about the gradual discoloration of your veneers due to coffee, tea, smoking, and other factors. You can get six to eight dental veneers for a complete smile makeover.

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At URBN Dental, we offer FREE porcelain veneer consultations. Speak to our porcelain veneers specialist about personalized porcelain veneers near me and find out if veneers are right for you. We know how busy life can get which is why we are a dentist open on Saturday. Book your appointment online now!

Types of Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Near Me

Temporary Veneers

Temporary veneers are placed on your teeth after the initial preparation. After preparing your teeth, it takes a few weeks for the permanent veneers to be prepared. In the meantime, the dentist may provide temporary veneers that last for a short period.

No-Prep Veneers

No prep veneers, such as Lumineers, are ultra-thin dental veneers that don’t necessitate any preparation. The dentist can simply attach the no prep veneers to the front face of your teeth without shaving off any of the existing enamel.

Traditional Veneers

Traditional dental veneers require considerable prep-work, i.e., the surface of your teeth has to be shaved off to accommodate the veneers. The dentist must remove a few millimeters of your enamel to make space for the porcelain veneers.

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The Procedure of Porcelain Veneers Near Me

  • Step 1: Consultation

    During your first visit to the dental clinic, the dentist will examine your teeth, ensure your candidacy for the procedure, and curate a treatment plan. They’ll discuss the procedure details and limitations, take x-rays of your teeth, and make impressions of your mouth.

  • Step 2: Preparation

    After numbing your teeth, the dentist will shave off a few millimeters of enamel from your teeth to accommodate the veneers. They’ll also make a model or impression of the chosen teeth and send it to the laboratory for preparation. Meanwhile, you’ll wear temporary veneers.

  • Step 3: Bonding

    Once the prepared porcelain veneers return in 2 to 4 weeks, the dentist will bond them to your teeth. Your teeth will be cleaned, polished, and etched to roughen the surface, and the veneers will be bonded to your teeth using a special dental cement. They’ll make some final adjustments and check your bite to ensure a perfect fit.

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Porcelain Veneers Houston — FAQs

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What happens after the veneers are fitted?

After the dental veneers are fitted, you may have a follow-up session with the dentist in a week or two. They’ll examine your dental veneers to ensure they fit perfectly on your teeth.

How should I take care of my dental veneers?

  • Don’t chew on hard objects that can chip or damage the porcelain laminate veneers, such as ice, bottle caps, fingernails, pen, etc.
  • Don’t use your teeth to open bottle caps or packages.
  • Instead of chewing your food with the front teeth, try using the back teeth to chew and grind your food. This will keep your veneers safe for longer periods.
  • If you suffer from teeth grinding or bruxism, wear a nightguard to avoid damaging the veneers.
  • If you play sports, wear a mouthguard to protect your veneers from damage.

How long can dental veneers last?

Traditional porcelain veneers last for 10 to 15 years, depending on your maintenance. And no-prep veneers last for 5 to 7 years.

When is the replacement of veneers suggested?

Your dental veneers should be replaced after 10 to 15 years, i.e., the average lifespan of veneers. However, you may consider replacing porcelain veneers early if they’re chipped or cracked.

Can you have veneers without removing enamel?

If you want veneers without removing the enamel, discuss your no-prep veneer options with the dentist.

Can a teeth gap be hidden by veneers?

Yes, a gap between your teeth can be hidden by veneers. The dental veneers will be sized such that they conceal the gap.

How many veneers should I get?

If you want to conceal the cracks on one tooth, you can get one dental veneer. However, if you want a complete smile makeover, you can get veneers on six to eight of the most visible front teeth. Your dentist will recommend the ideal number of veneers for you based on your unique dental anatomy, goals, and expectations.

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Your Porcelain Veneers in Uptown Houston, TX

URBN Dental Uptown provides highly personalized porcelain veneers manufactured by DaVinci Laboratories, one of the country’s leading producers of dental products. Furthermore, our cosmetic dentist designs the dental veneers according to your unique dental and facial anatomy, ensuring optimal and naturalized results. For more information on porcelain veneers, please schedule an appointment at our cosmetic dental clinic in Uptown Houston, TX, today.