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URBN Dental is a state-of-the-art dental clinic specializing in porcelain dental veneers in Uptown Houston, TX. Located at 2400 Mid Ln. #350, our dental clinic is highly accessible to patients from the Galleria, Highland Village, Upper Kirby, and River Oaks in Houston. We’ve helped hundreds of patients achieve an instant smile makeover with personalized porcelain veneers that address all cosmetic concerns, such as stained teeth, cracked teeth, gaps between the teeth, and misaligned teeth.

Benefits at our Dental Clinic

  • Same-Day Dental Appointments
  • Dentist Open on Saturday
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Dr. Kyunglim Chae, DDS

Dr. Chae graduated from New York University’s BA/DDS 7-year joint program. She received her Bachelor of Arts and graduated as a Presidential Honors Scholar with Honors in Biology. She then studied at New York University College of Dentistry to chase her dream of becoming a dentist and a doctor of dental surgery.

Dr. Chae is working to enhance Houston’s healthcare environment. She helps each patient with their dental issues and guides them in maintaining their oral hygiene by explaining its benefits. She works at URBN Dental in Houston, where she has access to some of the most advanced technologies available. URBN Dental is one of the few dentists in Houston that can deliver BPA-free fillings.

URBN Dental is available for Saturday appointments with premium quality laboratories. URBN Dental premium labs offer high-quality custom-made porcelain veneers, crowns without charging any extra cost to the patients.

Dr. Chae uses the latest and upgraded advanced dental technology to offer patients excellent treatment alternatives. URBN Dental Uptown offers treatments such as dental care emergencies, Gum Inflammations, Periodontal Disease, Cavities, Halitosis, and Bleeding Gums.

Our River Oaks Dental Clinic

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Porcelain Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells that our dentist places over your natural tooth. They are carefully constructed based on your tooth color and shape, which we then put on your front teeth to improve their look and appearance. Dental veneers are made from two materials: composite resin and porcelain. URBN Dental offers high-quality porcelain dental veneers. Porcelain veneers have the exact texture, color, and functions of normal tooth enamel, making them nearly undetectable from natural teeth. The most apparent benefit of porcelain veneers is that they do not easily become soiled or discolored.

URBN Dental specializes in personalized dental veneers that address your specific concerns while improving your overall facial harmony. While all dental veneers are designed according to the rest of your teeth, we go one step further. Our cosmetic dentist designs the veneers and selects the ideal shade according to your overall facial aesthetics and complexion. This allows us to find the ideal teeth shape, color, and appearance for your veneers.


Open on Saturdays

Most dental clinics are closed on the weekends, making it hard for most people to seek treatments. However, URBN Dental Uptown is open on Saturdays, so you can easily squeeze your dental veneer appointments on the weekends. The dental veneer session usually lasts one to two hours, so you can conclude your session and then resume your daily activities. Please call our dental clinic to discuss the possible appointment timings or easily book your dental appointment online. At URBN Dental Uptown, we FREE cosmetic consultations.

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Highest Quality Materials

URBN Dental uses the highest quality of materials for all treatments, including porcelain laminate veneers. Our dental veneers are produced by DaVince Laboratories, one of the country’s leading labs for the production of dental products. This assures the patients that their dental veneers will be strong and durable, capable of lasting 10 to 15 years with optimal maintenance. However, you must do your part — follow the cosmetic dentist’s maintenance guidelines to extend their longevity.

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Complete Transparency

URBN Dental maintains complete transparency at every stage of the dental veneer process. Our cosmetic dentist explains every step of the procedure to you, so you know what to expect. Furthermore, he performs thorough evaluations and examines your teeth to ensure you’re a suitable candidate. We also maintain complete transparency with the cost — the dentist will provide a complete overview of your treatment cost before your procedure. As such, you don’t have to worry about surprise billing or hidden charges.

Accessible Location

Located at 2400 Mid Ln. #350, URBN Dental is one of the most accessible dental clinics in Uptown Houston. Our dental clinic is located between the River Oaks District and Highland Village, a short drive from The Galleria shopping mall, and highly accessible to patients from Highland Village, Upper Kirby, Bellaire, and River Oaks in Houston. As such, patients from the neighboring towns can drive over in less than 15 minutes.

The following are the directions to our dental clinic from various neighboring regions:

  • To reach URBN Dental Uptown from Maggiano’s Little Italy, drive down Westheimer Rd or San Felipe St for about 5 minutes.
  • To reach URBN Dental Uptown from The Galleria, drive down Westheimer Rd for about 5 minutes.
  • To reach URBN Dental Uptown from Regal Edwards Greenway Grand Palace, drive down Westheimer Rd and Weslayan St for 5 minutes or drive down Mid Ln and Richmond Ave.
  • To reach URBN Dental Uptown from Torchy’s Tacos, drive down Westheimer Rd, San Felipe St, or I-69 for 5-10 minutes.
  • To reach URBN Dental Uptown from Hyde Park, drive down Westheimer Rd, San Felipe St, or Kirby Dr for about 10 minutes.

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URBN Dental is a state-of-the-art cosmetic dental clinic located at 2400 Mid Ln. #350 in Uptown Houston, right amidst the River Oaks District and Highland Village. As mentioned earlier, our dental clinic specializes in personalized porcelain dental veneers that address all your cosmetic concerns. Each dental veneer treatment plan is individually curated according to your specific goals and needs, ensuring optimal results. To determine your candidacy for porcelain veneers, please schedule an appointment today.